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The Oui Experience
At Oui Fitness, our female fitness professionals empower women to say yes to health, happiness and the body they want regardless of age, physical fitness or lifestyle constraints.

Taking a revolutionary approach to personal training, our clients feel loved and supported as they rediscover themselves to find greater health.

Oui Fitness believes that to live the life your heart desires with the body of you want is not hard work.  Rather, it’s a way of life.

Start your Oui Fitness journey today

Get the Body You Want

Get the Body You Want

Available here online or at these exclusive stores: Dymocks Collins St Melbourne. Also available in eBook at: iTunes; Amazon; Kobo; and Nook.

Lesley Maxwell Skye Cushway
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Share your fitness journey and thoughts and connect with like-minded others at Oui Connect. We love to hear from you!

Training to Train eBook

Learn the secrets to a lean, toned and sexy body in this must-read eBook.
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A 16 week, four day split program suited for the advanced trainer with a special goal in mind. Whether you're preparing for a photo shoot or comp or you're working towards a special occasion or simply aiming for the body you want for life – this is the plan for you

Body Shaping Extraordinaire

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